("Calla lily")


Native to Southern Africa: from South Africa north to Malawi.

Planting Tips:

Plant in Spring after the danger of frost is gone and temperatures stay above 40F / 5C. The 'eyes' or growing points (usually with visible darker circles around them on the tuber) should be facing upwards. Moisten the soil but then wait with further watering until the first sprouts appear. Each tuber, even the smaller ones, will produce multiple flowers. Zantedeschias will do better where they will not get the hot mid day sun. Water liberally (but do not soak them) during the growing season: they should not be dry at any time. They are great pot plants for both indoors or outdoors: 3 bulbs will usually fit perfectly in a 12" / 30 cm pot.

Flowers in the Zantedeschia Family

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