("Elephant ears / Taro / Dasheen")


Native to East Indies, tropical Asia and the Pacific Islands where it is mainly grown for its edible roots (they are called 'potato of the tropics' by some). It is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated plants.

Planting Tips:

Plant outdoors only after the soil and night temperatures have reliably warmed up to above 60F / 15C. By nature the tuber sizes vary quite a bit: dig the wholes deep enough so that the top of the tubers will be covered with about 2" / 5 cm of soil. Colocasia love water, so much so that you can even plant them in ponds, pot and all. Out of the pond, in the landscape or large containers, never let the soil dry out and water abundantly. Wind can damage the leaves so do give them a sheltered location.

Flowers in the Colocasia Family

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