Liatris spicata

("Gay feather / Blazing star")

Liatris spicata

Straight and tall spike-shaped fluffy flowers that start blooming from the top downward (usually it is the other way around in Nature). So, to keep a fresh look you can easily snip off the top faded part of the flowers as they continue to bloom. Very easy to grow and excellent for attracting birds (enjoying ripening seeds in fall) and butterflies (loving the nectar) to your garden. The leaves are dark green and needle-shaped on strong sturdy stems. Once established Liatris are drought resistant and very popular as a cutflower.

What You Need To Know Before You Plant:

When Will This Flower Bloom?

Mid Summer continuous into mid Fall

When Should I Buy and Plant These Bulbs?


What Kind of Light Does This Bulb Prefer?

Full sun

What Color Will the Flower Be?


How Far Apart Should I Plant These Bulbs?

5 in / 13 cm

How Deep Should I Dig?

1 in / 3 cm

How Tall Will It Grow?

28-32 in / 70-80 cm

Recommended Number of Bulbs Per Square Foot?


Is It Deer/Critter Resistant?


How Can I Best Use It in My Landscaping?

In borders, beds, perennial gardens, mixed containers and as cutflowers.

Other Popular Varieties

Species only. The white-flowering species on the market is called: floristan 'Alba'.

About the Family

Liatris Family

Native to eastern & central North America, Mexico and the Bahamas.

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