("Canna lily / Indian shot")


Native to the tropics and subtropics of Central and South America, although for foliage and floral display they cannot rival their modern hybrids developed in Europe which are also more suitable for growing in more temperate climates. The name canna originates from the Celtic word for a cane or reed.

Planting Tips:

Cannas are warm weather plants and love water (you can even plant them in ponds, pot and all). Only plant them after the soil temperatures have reliably warmed up to 60F/16C. In containers you can start them earlier indoors. Do not plant too deep, lay the root horizontally and cover with 1"/3cm of soil. they are fast growing plants as long as they receive lots of sunlight each day. Remove flower stalks that have finished blooming to encourage new ones to grow. High winds can tear the leaves so some shelter is advised.

Flowers in the Canna Family

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