Sternbergia lutea

("Winter daffodil")

Sternbergia lutea

Lovely fall blooming heirloom bulbs (pre 1601) that look like crocus. Foliage appears with the yellow flowers and persists until Spring.

What You Need To Know Before You Plant:

When Will This Flower Bloom?

Early Fall

When Should I Buy and Plant These Bulbs?

Very Early Fall

What Kind of Light Does This Bulb Prefer?

Full sun to partial shade

What Color Will the Flower Be?

Golden yellow

How Far Apart Should I Plant These Bulbs?

3 in / 8 cm

How Deep Should I Dig?

5 in / 13 cm

How Tall Will It Grow?

4-6 in / 10-15 cm

Recommended Number of Bulbs Per Square Foot?


Is It Deer/Critter Resistant?


How Can I Best Use It in My Landscaping?

In front of shrubs, around trees and in rock gardens.

Other Popular Varieties

Species only.

About the Family

Sternbergia Family

First described by Carolus Clusius in 1601 it shows a broad distribution throughout Mediterranean Europe and Asia. It has gained notability due to its widespread use as a garden plant and has become naturalized in Northern Europe.

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