Eranthis cilicica

("Eranthis of Sicily")

Eranthis cilicica

A buttercup relative; the eventually green leaves are frilly and emerge in a bronze color.

What You Need To Know Before You Plant:

When Will This Flower Bloom?

Very early Spring

When Should I Buy and Plant These Bulbs?


What Kind of Light Does This Bulb Prefer?

Full sun to partial shade

What Color Will the Flower Be?


How Far Apart Should I Plant These Bulbs?

2 in / 5 cm

How Deep Should I Dig?

2 in / 5 cm

How Tall Will It Grow?

2-3 in / 5-7 cm

Recommended Number of Bulbs Per Square Foot?


Is It Deer/Critter Resistant?


How Can I Best Use It in My Landscaping?

In borders, rock gardens and under trees and shrubs.

What Should I Do After Flowering?

Let the foliage die back to replenish the bulb. This will happen very quickly and before the rest of your garden is growing actively. They will self-seed readily and naturalize easily and prefer to be left undisturbed once established. If the clumps become overcrowded or you wish to move some bulbs, do so in the late Spring, just as the leaves finish dying down. They prefer not to be fertilized provided the soil is humus rich and moist.

Other Popular Varieties

Species only.

About the Family

Eranthis Family

Native to southern Europe and east across Asia to Japan.

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