Tulipa linifolia / Tulipa batalinii

("Specie tulips / Rockgarden tulips / Wild tulips")

Tulipa linifolia / Tulipa batalinii

Like all specie tulips it wants lots of sunshine and moist and well-draining soil (gritty soils suits them best), drier during Summer and Winter dormancy. Colors will be more vibrant in colder climates than in milder ones. Naturalizes easily.

What You Need To Know Before You Plant:

When Will This Flower Bloom?

Late Spring

When Should I Buy and Plant These Bulbs?


What Kind of Light Does This Bulb Prefer?

Full sun

What Color Will the Flower Be?

The species is fluorescent red with a black center (see 'popular varieties' for other colors)

How Far Apart Should I Plant These Bulbs?

3 in / 8 cm

How Deep Should I Dig?

4 in / 10 cm

How Tall Will It Grow?

4-6 in / 10-15 cm

Recommended Number of Bulbs Per Square Foot?


Is It Deer/Critter Resistant?


How Can I Best Use It in My Landscaping?

In borders, rock gardens and naturalized (grassy) areas.

What Should I Do After Flowering?

Allow the foliage to die back on its own. Remove the flower heads after blooming (or the seed pods if they develop): this will allow the energy to go to the bulb for next year's flowers.

Other Popular Varieties

(Besides the species itself); 'Apricot Jewel' (orange-red with yellow center inside), 'Bright Gem' (apricot), 'Red Hunter' (tomato red) and 'Yellow Jewel' (yellow, tinged rose).

About the Family

Botanical Tulips Family

It is generally assumed that about 150 different wild species exist in an area running roughly from Central Asia to Spain and Portugal.

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