Fall Planting

  • Minor Bulbs: Perfect Partners for Early Spring Color

    A garden stroll in the early spring offers a great deal of promise but generally little color. Learn More
  • Bulbs: Go Formal or Natural In the Garden

    Early spring crocuses, delicately scented hyacinths, nodding daffodils and vibrant tulips are favorite flower bulbs for coloring your garden from very early to late spring. Learn More
  • Tulips: Spring Starts Now!

    Members of the lily family, tulips are native to central and western Asia. In the 16th century, they were introduced to the Netherlands where most tulip bulbs are grown today. Learn More
  • The Battle for the Bulbs

    Autumn is the time of year when we gardeners drool over the spring-blooming bulbs offered by our favorite retail stores and in catalogs. Learn More
  • Fall Has Arrived But Spring Is Already in Our Sight

    It’s a sure sign that fall has arrived when dozen of boxes and crates appear on garden center shelves. Learn More
  • Bring on the Bulbs for Better Home Value

    A well-groomed, thoughtfully planned and attractively maintained landscape is a great asset to your home. Learn More
  • The Sweet Scents of Spring

    Each year, we gardeners grow antsy as winter draws to a close but it seems spring will never arrive. Learn More