Hymenocallis festalis / Ismene festalis

("Peruvian daffodil / Summer daffodil / Spider lily / Sea daffodil")

Hymenocallis festalis / Ismene festalis

The stems of these bulbs will produce a cluster of 2-5 marvelously fragrant flowers which have a long cup with projecting stamens and will measure about 6-8" / 15-20 cm in diameter. From their strap-shaped foliage you can tell that they are related to the Amaryllis family. Quite often they are grown in pots and treated as house- or greenhouse-plants.

What You Need To Know Before You Plant:

When Will This Flower Bloom?

Early Summer

When Should I Buy and Plant These Bulbs?


What Kind of Light Does This Bulb Prefer?

Full sun to dappled or partial shade

What Color Will the Flower Be?


How Far Apart Should I Plant These Bulbs?

6 in / 15 cm

How Deep Should I Dig?

4* in / 10* cm

How Tall Will It Grow?

24-32 in / 60-80 cm

Recommended Number of Bulbs Per Square Foot?


Is It Deer/Critter Resistant?


How Can I Best Use It in My Landscaping?

In borders, pots and patio containers.

Other Popular Varieties

(Besides the species itself); 'Advance' (white) and 'Zwanenburg' (white). One hybrid is also fairly popular: 'Sulphur Queen' (cream-yellow).

Additional Information

* PLANTING NOTE: do not plant too deep, the neck of the bulb should only be at soil level. Adjust your planting dept according to the size of the bulb.

About the Family

Hymenocallis Family

Native to the Caribbean and the tropical- and sub-tropical areas of both North- and South America.

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