Additional Tips

Additional Tips for First Time Bulb Planters:

  • A larger grouping of flower bulbs are far more fab than just a few planted here and there. For smaller groupings, try container plantings using pots, baskets or window boxes.
  • Freezing temperatures can crack terra cotta pots and ornamental planters. By first planting bulbs in plastic pots then placing the plastic pot inside the earthen one, you'll create a natural insulation between the two.
  • Lay out your bulbs on top of the soil where you want to plant them. After, poke a twig into the soil to mark where you’ve already planted.
  • Plant markers can be pretty and practical ways to mark sections of similar bulbs. Buy wood, galvanized steel or terra cotta markers or make your own!
  • For a natural look throw out handfuls of bulbs and plant them where they fall.
  • Plant low-growing bulb varieties up front and taller ones at the back of your beds.
  • Note the flowering times. Not all tulips, for instance, will bloom at the same time. A little planning will greatly increase the number of months you will enjoy bulb flowers.
  • When your leaves drop in fall, rake a layer of them over newly-planted bulbs. They'll love the extra bedding!