Keeping the Critters Away

How to:

  • Clear away a space in your garden approximately 2’ x 4’.
  • Depth of garden area should be at least 8” (20 cm) deep, and have good drainage.
  • Plant Tulip, Crocus and Fritillaria bulbs in garden area in a staggering position. Bulbs should almost touch each other to create a nice full display).
  • NOTE: Tulips should be planted 7” (18 cm) deep. Crocus 4” (10 cm) deep and Fritillaria 8” (20 cm) deep
  • Cover bulbs with soil and tamp lightly.
  • Water thoroughly once at the time of planting in the fall.
  • Once spring arrives, water regularly throughout the growing and flowering season.


Plant in fall. Blooms in spring.

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