Wood Crate Planter

How to:

  • Clear away a space in your garden approximately 2’ x 4’.
  • Depth of garden area should be at least 8” (20 cm) deep, and have good drainage.
  • Plant Tulip, Crocus and Fritillaria bulbs in garden area in a staggering position. Bulbs should almost touch each other to create a nice full display).
  • NOTE: Tulips should be planted 7” (18 cm) deep. Crocus 4” (10 cm) deep and Fritillaria 8” (20 cm) deep
  • Cover bulbs with soil and tamp lightly.
  • Water thoroughly once at the time of planting in the fall.
  • Once spring arrives, water regularly throughout the growing and flowering season.


Critters tend to be attracted to Tulips and Crocus. To keep them away, try interplanting Fritillaria bulbs among them. Plant in fall. Blooms in spring.

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