Easter Bunny Planter

How to:

  • Paint tin can white.
  • Glue googly eyes to can.
  • Create whiskers: bend an 8" pipe cleaner in the shape of the letter "M". Cut pipe cleaner in half creating a "V" shape. Glue each "V" to can, closed side almost touching.
  • Glue pink pom pom for nose.
  • Fill can 2/3 with soil. Add lily flower bulb into can.
  • Fill can with soil just below the top of can.
  • Create Ears: cut pipe cleaner into two 5.5" pieces. Fold each piece into a "U" shape. Glue each "U" pipe cleaner to white felt. Cut around outside of pipe cleaners. Cut 2 smaller pieces of pink felt, glue onto white felt. Bend ears slightly. Glue ears to the inside front of the can.

Planting Instructions:

To plant the lily bulb, dig a hole 4" to 6" deep in a sunny area. Place bulb in hole. Cover bulb with dirt and water frequently until they bloom, then water sparingly.

Digging up the bulbs for winter storage is not necessary for lilies.

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