Easter Bunny Tin Vase

How to:

  • Glue googly eyes to can.
  • Create whiskers: bend an 8" pipe cleaner in the shape of the letter "M". Cut pipe cleaner in half creating a "V" shape. Glue each "V" to can, closed side almost touching.
  • Glue pink pom pom on can for the nose.
  • Arrange excelsior around bottom of can.
  • Ears: cut pipe cleaner into two 5.5" pieces. Fold each piece into a "U" shape. Glue each "U" pipe cleaner to white felt. Cut around outside of pipe cleaners. Cut 2 smaller pieces of pink felt, glue onto white felt. Bend ears slightly. Glue ears to the inside front of the can.
  • Fill can with water and add the tulips.

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