Beach Bum Planter (Plant in Spring)

How to:

  • Place a piece of scotch tape over the drainage hole to prevent soil from coming out while planting.
  • Paint pot white and let dry.
  • Adhere seashells with glue, around the rim and downwards. Create as many layers as you like. Use permanent adhesive glue to avoid damaging pot outdoors.
  • Fill pot 1/3 rd full of soil.
  • Add Peruvian Daffodil bulb (pointed end up), then cover with soil to the top.
  • Water very sparingly (1/4 C.) until the pot is placed outside in a sunny location (don’t forget to remove the scotch tape from the bottom of the pot).
  • Plant in spring. Blooms mid summer to late summer. Blooms in 10-12 weeks.
  • Water throughout the flowering season.

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